Programmatic DOOH

A new digital signage software that powers indoor and outdoor TV screens with dynamic fed always up-to-date content and precisely targeted advertising. Through our exclusive Google Programmatic integration, agencies and advertisers finally have the precision of digital media to reach consumers outdoors.

Digital-out-of-home advertising is the first DOOH operator running inside Google Ad Exchange: the World’s biggest advertising digital marketplace. Manage your OOH campaigns in the same system that already takes care of your online marketing. Precision targeting and reporting integrated with Google BID Manager.

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An online platform that serves clientes everywhere!

co-working, BERLIN was born inside the most active co-working place in Europe. Betahaus was looking for a smarter way of speeding up the internal communication. collaborative system was the solution.


Beer brand promotes the most exclusive VIP area inside Rio’s Sambadrome. InBev understood that the best promotion was to let its invitees create content and get featured on interactive displays.