IN A BOX believes that the best things come in small packages. We dedicate our time on creating a new approach for digital signage. A platform that combines Raspberry Pi mini-computers with the creativity and abundance of Web content.

Save time managing content and get your communication channels integrated

OOZO's content management system has all the tools you need to keep displays always updated. The online dashboard integrates your marketing channels for real-time automated content updating. Bring the best from your Social Media to your physical place or upload videos and images directly to the TV.

Features offers a variety of different ways for publishing, capturing and managing content. Your signage feed will be flexible to fit any content strategy and to deliver you great results.

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Plans & Pricing

Choose the best subscription according to your business size. offers plans that fit the small business owner budget and even a forever free plan to get you going.

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A young startup already playing with the big boys. is an agile technology which can be easily adapted to any client's request. We've been working with major clients and global brands at the highest service standards. OOZO's team is inspired by the mission of Democratizing the out-of- home media market. We're always-ready to provide expert support for your in-store marketing needs. We treat the Small Business owners with respect and great service.

co-working, BERLIN was born inside the most active co-working place in Europe. Betahaus was looking for a smarter way of speeding up the internal communication. collaborative system was the solution.

Bar & Restaurant, Sao Paulo

Brexo Bar is one of the coolest bars in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Challenge: Promote new items from the menu, food & drinks. Solution: digital signage system that connects the local venue to live content from official social media channels.

Tattoo Shop, Sao Paulo

Smart tattoo shop takes advantage of digital signage to inspire clients and increase sales. Instagram content is one of the most effective ways to connect clients with tattoo artists.


Beer brand promotes the most exclusive VIP area inside Rio’s Sambadrome. InBev understood that the best promotion was to let its invitees create content and get featured on interactive displays.