Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to visiting and making use of our websites “” and “” (“Websites”). It also applies to our services, as well as all activity and information captured and transmitted by the OOZO User through the websites, the OOZO system and OOZO TV.

OOZO’s Privacy Policy explains and clarifies the treatment given by OOZO to the information made available by the OOZO User inside the OOZO System. It is also attached to our Terms of Use, which can be applied in its entirety, as well as its statements, to this document.

While browsing or making use of the OOZO System or its Websites, you will agree to make certain personal information available to OOZO. Here we clarify how much of that information can be seen and in what way it can be used. OOZO protects its User’s rights to privacy, following this Privacy Policy and the Law.

While using the OOZO System or its Websites, OOZO will send a cookie to your computer. A cookie is a data fragment that identifies you as a unique user. If your browser is set to block cookies, the OOZO System may not work properly.

OOZO creates a record of each time the OOZO System is used and each time a visitor or content reader clicks an activity.

OOZO also records information such as time, type of browser, browser language and IP address for each visitor to the OOZO System and to its Websites.

OOZO does not interfere on any of the websites, activities or content uploaded by the OOZO User through either the OOZO Platform or the OOZO System. This way, OOZO is not accountable for these websites or their content. It also does not share, subscribe, validate or embrace the way such websites or content storage tools gather, process and transfer its personal and private data. Check their own privacy policies to learn more about using personal information through other websites or tools.

Some of the previously mentioned information is associated with a single user identifier with the sole purpose of (i) provide services to the OOZO User; (ii) improve services and store OOZO User’s personal preferences, in order to perfect his/hers experience with the OOZO System; (iii) develop solid data regarding the OOZO System, also to set its user database and the amount of server traffic.

OOZO does not share any recognizable personal information. However, alongside its user database, OOZO may share information with sponsors, partners and other organizations.

OOZO can make stored personal information available in case its is so requested by an official order from an administrative or judicial authority. It may also be requested in case of contract, Terms of Use, Security Policy, Intellectual Property Policy or Privacy Policy violations, as well as a way of protecting OOZO’s rights and the rights of its third parties, to a certain extent. In order to achieve these goals, information sharing will be kept to a required minimum amount. OOZO can also transfer specific data in case of a merger, acquisition or sale of OOZO’s assets. If after these events the information processing is changed, OOZO will notify you.

Using the assembled information, as described earlier, requires data processing that can be made by OOZO itself or by hired partners, which will also be bound by this Privacy Policy whether they are in Brazil or abroad. OOZO makes use of the most popular security systems available on the market to protect your information from any kind of unauthorized access. However, OOZO cannot assure you that to your personal information will be safe from non-authorized third parties.

You may access all the provided information to OOZO at any moment. You can still, and should, ask for corrections and updates. You may also cancel your OOZO profile. In this case, as soon as you request the cancelation, your information will no longer be used. However, your history and other kinds of established and non-identifiable information could still remain in OOZO’s database.

OOZO does not guarantee it will keep record of all its users and their activities for a certain time, unless the law requires it.

The information, registration and data received by OOZO could be kept and transferred to somewhere outside the company’s jurisdiction, where privacy laws may not be as protective of them as before. OOZO might change its Privacy Policy from time to time, making it the OOZO User’s responsibility to often visit this page to keep informed on how their personal data is being handled and on the privacy policy as a whole.