Terms of Use

These terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) apply to visiting and making use of our websites “www.oozo.me” and “www.oozo.tv” (“Websites”). It also applies to our services, as well as all activity, information, recommendations or other services provided or received by the OOZO User through the websites, the OOZO system and OOZO TV, as defined herein.



1. What is OOZO?

OOZO is a publicly traded company based in Brazil, with a registered office located at Rua Cardoso de Almeida, nº 1005, Casa 01. It is also registered with the Ministry of Finance’s National Register of Corporate Taxpayers under No. 21.474.140/0001-71.

2. What does OOZO do?

OOZO features a distinct system (“OOZO System”) for tracking, capturing and managing all posts made to select websites and internet providers, such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, “YouTube”, “Vimeo” and “Foursquare” (“Social Networks”). Posts include text, pictures and videos of the user’s own creation or created by a third party (“Activities”). OOZO Users will manage their activities on their own platform, made available by OOZO (“OOZO Platform”), where activities could be shown to any person or company, and without any connection to OOZO (“Third Party”), unless that option is previously selected by the OOZO User (“OOZO TV”). The OOZO System integrates all the OOZO User’s Activities in a single environment, the OOZO Platform. With this platform, the OOZO User can manage his/her Activities all in one place. It is required that you select the Activity you wish to share on the OOZO Platform, so that the content can be available to all who access the OOZO User’s platform.

The OOZO Platform, combined with the OOZO User’s Activities, may be transferred to any environment the OOZO User choses, making his/her Activities public through OOZO TV. At OOZO TV, only OOZO Platform Activities, which the OOZO User has directly or indirectly selected beforehand, will be displayed.

3. What doesn’t OOZO do?

OOZO is not able to monitor Activities that go through the OOZO System. Previous Activity censorship that a Third Party might eventually consider offensive cannot be performed. OOZO does not take responsibility for sharing any Activity that could offend a Third Party or violate their intellectual property rights. The OOZO User is accountable for his/her own Activities.

OOZO will not monitor the OOZO User or the Activities created within the OOZO System. It also does not endorse the contents of any OOZO User Activity, his/her published creative content or other sort of content displayed in the OOZO System, aside from content produced and made available by OOZO itself through the system. OOZO is not a social network and it will not develop or post Activities on behalf of the OOZO User. All Activities displayed by OOZO TV will be taken from a social networking website to which the OOZO User is registered. OOZO is a mediator between the OOZO User and social networks.

OOZO is not responsible for any illegal content that might be considered by a Third Party as an offense, libel, injury or defamation, or that might cause them material or moral damages, violating their personal and patrimonial rights. OOZO also is not responsible for anything that might be considered abusive, threatening, obscene, insulting or reprehensible in any way, or that might infringe intellectual property rights and other Third Party rights.

OOZO is not accountable for any Third Party that encounters available content through the OOZO System. The Third Party is constantly connected with the OOZO User because only selected posts are displayed inside the OOZO User digital space.

OOZO does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the OOZO System’s operations, but it will pull out all the stops to always keep it available and constantly working.

OOZO does not guarantee the security and privacy of the OOZO User while making use of the OOZO System. It also does not guarantee your safety if unauthorized Third Parties try to access and, eventually, intercept or manipulate the available content, as well as Activities of any kind that the OOZO User might transfer or share through the OOZO System.

OOZO will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the OOZO System and prevent unauthorized access to content made available by the OOZO User.

4. How to use the OOZO system?

You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age or more to be granted access to the OOZO System. The OOZO User declares himself/herself authorized to register for the OOZO System and to honor these Terms of Use. In case you are registering as a corporate taxpayer, you clearly declare to be authorized and to have sufficient power of decision in order to honor these Terms of Use.

After filling out your information, accepting the Terms of Use and signing up to the OOZO Platform, the OOZO User will be granted full access to the OOZO System upon registering an “Access Password”. Accepting these Terms of Use means validating and honoring a contract between OOZO and the OOZO User. Should there be any contradiction between the contract established by OOZO and its User (“Contract”), and these Terms of Use, the provisions of the Contract will prevail, as long as there is no possible way to assure both should prevail.

The OOZO User is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of his/her Access Password and must promise to use it diligently. Also, he/she must notify OOZO immediately in case of loss, theft or any kind of unauthorized use of the password.

5. What can the OOZO user do?

The OOZO User may use the OOZO System within the limits established by the Contract and by these Terms of Use.

6. What can’t the OOZO user do?

The OOZO User cannot accept any Activity that may lead to an infraction or that constitutes a wrongful act, including but not being limited to: (i) posting, accessing or searching for content that goes against good and moral judgment; (ii) posting, accessing and searching for pornographic content of any kind or that instigates pornography, pedophilia or any unlawful practice; (iii) posting, accessing and searching for content not authorized by its copyright holder, such as photos, videos or any other media that features images of people, without them authorizing the use of such images; (iv) posting, accessing and searching for content that incites any form of violence and discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, nationality, sexual orientation and soon; and (v) posting, accessing and searching for content that promotes illegal or questionable activities.

The OOZO User agrees to: (a) not use the OOZO System with the intent of either transferring or sharing illegal or defamatory material that might violate the property or privacy of a Third Party, or any material that might be abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, vulgar, injurious or censurable; (b) not engage in any action that violates or leads to any civic, state or federal law violations; and (c) not transfer or share any false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous information, in such a way that may jeopardize the communicator’s original product, intention or purpose.

The OOZO User agrees to not use the OOZO System with the purpose of storing, distributing, transmitting, spreading or making available to third parties any class of content or class of material that by itself, or through sharing, could: (a) infringe, demean or go against fundamental rights, as well as public and individual liberties recognized by the Constitution in international treaties or the legal system in general; (b) persuade, instigate or promote actions considered wrong, scandalous, infamous, violent or generally against the law, the moral and public order; (c) persuade, instigate or promote discriminatory actions, behaviors or ideas on grounds of sex, race, religion, faith, age or social status; (d) incorporate messages considered criminal, violent, humiliating or generally against the law, the moral and public order; (e) represent or may represent a threat or blackmail to a Third Party; (f) persuade or instigate dangerous practices that could be dangerous or harmful to both physical and mental health; (g) are false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous information, in such a way that may jeopardize the communicator’s original product, intention or purpose; (h) are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights, owned by a Third Party, without the OOZO User having previously received permission from the rightful owners to make use of the content as initially intended; (i) violate the Third Party’s company secrets; (j) are contrary to rights, honor, personal and family intimacy, or personal image; (k) constitutes illicit, unfair or misleading publicity and, in general, unfair competition; (l) due to its trades (such as format, type, etc.), may cause problems with the normal operations of the OOZO System; and (m) contribute, facilitate or incentive, in any way, the practice of any sort of intellectual property rights infraction of any content available online.

7. Security policy

If any OOZO User or Third Party witnesses an infraction to the Terms of Use, we ask you to report it to OOZO through the email (alerta@oozo.tv). In case the OOZO User or Third Party is aware of any aspect or circumstance that could be seen as an inappropriate use of the service, either for noncompliance with these Terms of Use, a violation of the Contract or violation of the law, OOZO asks that you sent us a notification including: (a) personal information: name, address, phone number and complainant’s email address; (b) a description of the alleged illicit activity of the OOZO System and, specially, if it consists of a possible copyright infringement, an accurate and full description of the secure content that was allegedly violated; (c) a description of the website’s location where the alleged copyright infringing content, reported by the OOZO User or Third Party, can be found; (d) a statement in good faith from the OOZO User or Third Party, mentioning the alleged violation was made without the authorization of the content’s copyright owners, their legal representative or the law; and (e) a statement from the OOZO User or Third Party acknowledging, under the penalty of law, the information presented in the infraction report is real and the Third Party is either the copyright holder or is authorized to act on behalf of such rights.

OOZO will verify if the reports sent by the OOZO User or Third Party and will intervene in the OOZO System to remove the object of complaint from the website and provide, if it deems necessary, any remaining legal action, whenever it considers the coming notification appropriate and without the need to notify the OOZO User or Third Party in advance. Any unreported issue associated with a Terms of Use violation that reaches OOZO by other means will be verified immediately and proper action will be taken under the laws in force. If OOZO deems applicable, it may remove or prevent access to the violating material immediately, as well as block access to those responsible for the infraction.

In any case, if the OOZO User becomes aware of the presence, in your server, of any content that violates third party rights, OOZO will have the right to cancel it, at any time and without prior notice.

The OOZO User is and will be held responsible for any and all violation of these Terms of Use in conformity with the law.

8. Intellectual property policy

The OOZO System and its software, brand and licenses are exclusive property of OOZO. By means of this agreement, the OOZO User does not have any property rights over the OOZO System, OOZO.TV or OOZO.ME, and it is forbidden to the OOZO User:

A) Using OOZO.TV or OOZO.ME for other purposes than those for which they were developed;

B) Transferring, forwarding, sublicensing or surrendering OOZO.TV or OOZO.ME, totally or partially, as well as any other act of disposal, be it temporary or permanent, free or burdensome; and making the OOZO User solely responsible for the consequences of such actions;

C) Making use, of OOZO’s brand, commercial name and know-how under any circumstance, especially if it has not been expressly authorized;

D) Performing any process of reverse engineering or reverse assembling the OOZO System for any means or purposes.

OOZO grants the OOZO User a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right and license to use the object codes of the OOZO System on a single computer, all according to the Terms of Use. The license does not allow the OOZO User or any Third Parties to copy, modify, create derivative work, perform reverse engineering or reverse assembling of the OOZO System or attempt to discover its source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the OOZO System.

Aside from the one previously mentioned, OOZO does not grant licenses and authorization of use of any kind, on its rights to the industrial and intellectual property or any other property or right related to the OOZO System.

9. Modifying user and service terms

OOZO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any portion of these Terms of Use, as well as alter, suspend or discontinue the OOZO System (including, among others, the availability of any resource, database or content) at any time, by posting a notice on the website or sending users a notice through the OOZO System, application or email. OOZO may also impose limits on certain feature and services or prevent access to parts of or the entire OOZO System without prior notice or accountability.

In case of a modification in the Terms Of Use, the OOZO User will be notified about the contents of the new Terms of Use electronically, within a minimum of 5 (five) days.